Restrictions in Mallorca. | Marta Perez - ae - EFE - EFE

Do you want the state of alarm to end on May 9? You may well do, but would it make much difference to you if it were to last another few weeks? How does it impinge on you? The main way is the curfew.

Then there is also mobility within Spain. Both are governed by the state of alarm, a legal mechanism which, the Spanish government has consistently said, is the only one that can limit freedoms in these ways.

And yet, it is clear that it isn’t the only mechanism.
Were it, we wouldn’t now be faced with the idiotic situation that we are - regional governments, like the Balearics, hunting for legal frameworks to allow them to extend restrictions, such as the curfew;

Spanish government spokespeople saying that the regions already have the means to extend restrictions; the opposition Partido Popular resurrecting their legal ‘Plan B’ of last autumn for a reform of public health legislation that would enable these restrictions without a state of alarm.

Less than a fortnight to go, and we still don’t know how things will be after May 9.
Meanwhile, the season - which must be saved at all costs - comes closer.

As this is all important, why not simply extend the start of alarm at least to the end of May and the promise of a June start to the season?

At least that way we would know. Or would we, as who can say what measures the regional governments might want come June?