COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions

05-05-2021I.M. / A.B.

Like it or not the Balearic government is right to maintain some of the restrictions introduced to fight the coronavirus when the national state of alert finishes on Sunday. The central government in Madrid will be handing the regional authorities the power to enforce or scrap some of the restrictions which have been introduced.

The Balearics wants to maintain the curfew and also they will not allow bars and restaurants to open their interiors. What would be a nightmare would be for the restrictions to be eased, life returns to normal, the number of cases rise again and we would be back in lockdown.

What is needed is a measured easing of the restrictions not all at once which some people are urging. Lets face it, we are not out of the woods yet. The vaccination programme remains slow and we still have a large number of cases on the islands. Granted that the figures are falling but we still must be on our guard.

The Balearic government will risk a backlash for trying to keep the restrictions because obviously they are hugely unpopular. But, the local government has always said that they would put public health before economic necessity.

Once a sizeable part of the island´s population has been vaccinated then is the time to start looking at abolishing restrictions on the island. The Balearic government has made a number of errors regarding the coronavirus but on this occasion I think they are right and they deserve the benefit of the doubt.


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Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

What bothers me most, is that (yet again), we as the public, have to suffer from the incompetence of our supreme leaders. They ought to be prosecuted for all this, as directly and indirectly, their policies have killed many people too. Send them to The Hague to be trialed for Crimes against Humanity.


Rich / Hace 9 months

Can someone please give me an example of when people were forced to expose themselves to the virus.


Pierre / Hace 9 months

Johnb,your me, me, me goes as much for you buddy. Your are pretty asocial too, demanding society in hold, to protect you. Go and live in a bunker, with 5 masks on.


johnb / Hace 9 months

Yes,and I'm still trying to survive.


Jonas / Hace 9 months

Easy for you to say , have you had to survive without any salary in the last year?


johnb / Hace 9 months

YES! Open now! Me,Me,Me! Don't worry about a little virus, everybody will be fine! Well Ali, a certain prime minister in India believed that 2 months a go and let everyone do what they wanted. Now his country has 400.000 cases a day and HIS country is now.... on its knees! We all want normality, and we have here some of the lowest cases in Spain . There is a reason why that is. If we all had a care free attitude,there wouldn't be much of humanity left!


Ali R / Hace 9 months

Open Now and don't be listening to all these doo gooders passing their ideology on keeping closed. we dont want to hear you. Open and kids remove the masks NOW. Absolutely criminal and then get human rights lawyers to take these criminals to court for the crimes against humanity over these last 12+ months. Freedom will win and all the doo gooders go stay in your bedroom with your diarrhoea mentality. People Want Their Freedoms, Liberties and rights back NOW not tomorrow NOW. If you dont like it put your mask on and stay at home. Leave the rest of us to enjoy our lives.


Pierre / Hace 9 months

Stop the nonsense now. People cannot take much more. Armengol should be removed from office, with her idiotic behaviour, trying to push her own agenda, rather than fall in line with what the National Governement says. Who is she to decide this? It is getting ridiculous with this woman. Besides, they can never find the legal framework anyway. Even if the Balearic Supreme Court decides in favour Armengol´s plans. So go out, get fined, object and walk free.


john / Hace 9 months

They are right on this occasion. All the hard work would be for nothing if we allow everything to open and cases rise again. It's got to be done slowly,get everyone vaccinated ASAP. There's no other way.