COVID-19 restrictions | I.M. / A.B.

Like it or not the Balearic government is right to maintain some of the restrictions introduced to fight the coronavirus when the national state of alert finishes on Sunday. The central government in Madrid will be handing the regional authorities the power to enforce or scrap some of the restrictions which have been introduced.

The Balearics wants to maintain the curfew and also they will not allow bars and restaurants to open their interiors. What would be a nightmare would be for the restrictions to be eased, life returns to normal, the number of cases rise again and we would be back in lockdown.

What is needed is a measured easing of the restrictions not all at once which some people are urging. Lets face it, we are not out of the woods yet. The vaccination programme remains slow and we still have a large number of cases on the islands. Granted that the figures are falling but we still must be on our guard.

The Balearic government will risk a backlash for trying to keep the restrictions because obviously they are hugely unpopular. But, the local government has always said that they would put public health before economic necessity.

Once a sizeable part of the island´s population has been vaccinated then is the time to start looking at abolishing restrictions on the island. The Balearic government has made a number of errors regarding the coronavirus but on this occasion I think they are right and they deserve the benefit of the doubt.