Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn.

09-05-2021PETER POWELL - PP KS ase ukit -

That famous Conservative Party poster of the 1970s, Labour Isn´t Working, couldn´t be more apt today. The local election results in England make poor reading for a party which has lost its way and which can´t find a leader. Keir Starmer had appeared to a good choice to succeed Jeremy Corbyn but Starmer was yesterday under pressure to take the party back to the far-left days of Corbyn.

This would be a big mistake. Tony Blair won landslide elections as Labour leader because he took the party to the centre, which is where Labour need to be. Going to the left will only alienante some voters who will end up voting for the Tories. Britain needs a strong Labour party and once which appears to be in a position to form a government. Under Corbyn and Starmer this does not appear to be the case.

Remember that the Conservative government has not been scandal-free and in the early days of the coronavirus it made some very poor judgements. Labour should be putting Prime Minister Boris Johnson under pressure, they are not. I think unless there is radical change there is a strong possibility that Labour could go into meltdown, which would be a major blow for British democracy.

Labour must have a long hard think about their future..and I believe that this is in the centre, not the far left. Perhaps even with a pro-Europe stance, Johnson maybe the champion of Brexit but there are still many who believe it was a bad idea.


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Rich / Hace 8 months

When you pander to minority identity 'politikers' you will lose. The overwhelming majority are fed up with the 'woke' minority and their rantings


jen / Hace 8 months

The UK desperately needs another party to vote for. At the moment it is the Cons. There is no other realistic party. Until there is the Cons have licence to do whatever they like.


Derek Illingworth / Hace 8 months

Why is so much fuss being made about the lack of Green status being placed on the Balearic Islands. There are many UK persons who would be willing to holiday in the Islands and accept the rule of quarantine on return to UK. But the Spanish rule of no entry for holders of British Passports is the main reason that the tourist season can not commence. It seems that Spain is accepting all European visitors, but a ban is still in place for UK persons.


nigel / Hace 8 months

I think for what it is worth you should concentrate on your own country of residence and leave UK politics for those who LIVE there. You should have enough to keep you occupied with Mallorca/Spanish politics, which will involve you and your fellow islanders. I, as I was, a "permanent tourist" like a great many who lived on the island will be sad to say goodbye, but the way the British are being treated by Spanish, (not I hasten to add the Spanish people), will find other pastures to spend our time and money. I feel sorry for my Spanish friends who will miss our quiet, steady input into the Mallorcan economy.