The prime minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez

The prime minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.

16-05-2021Chema Moya

Person of the week...

was, and making a return to the honour after a lengthy absence, the prime minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez. On Monday, the PM announced that “we are just one hundred days away from achieving herd immunity”. By August 18, he stated, 70% of the population will have been immunised. There was an “approximately” attached to the August date, but let’s not quibble. One hundred days it was, and the countdown had started, as foreign affairs minister, Arancha González Laya, said on Wednesday that there were 98 days to go. We’ll be keeping close tabs on this one - 94 days and counting ... .

Three cheers...

For, the data. Trawling through the Thursday coronavirus figures, there was - even for those of us who report them and are well used to the ups and downs - a real lift. The day’s number of new cases was a mere 19. The positivity rate was just over 0.5%. The 14-day incidence in Mallorca had fallen below 50 was therefore in the category of low risk. Only one municipality had registered an increase in active cases. These were heartening data, the best for months. Yes, there were more cases the next day, but even so there was a feeling that at last here was evidence of what we all pray for.

The 14-day incidence in Majorca had fallen below 50

A big boo....

For unnecessary acts of violence and vandalism in the context of protest which might otherwise elicit some sympathy. While parts of Spain rejoiced at the end of the state of alarm and curfew and took to the streets in a wholly non-socially-distanced fashion, youthful elements in Palma were still faced by the curfew. Undeterred, there was a protest. What started out peaceful enough turned ugly. There were sixteen arrests of males aged between 16 and 21, several of whom, said the police, were off their heads on drink and drugs. There is sympathy, and this is because of the restrictions. But violence cannot be the way.

Police charges and 16 arrested in Palma at the end of the state of alarm


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