The so-called Indian strain. | CATI CLADERA - CC gar - EFE - EF

The uncertainty continues to grow. When will British tourists be able to come to Mallorca? It is like a roller-coaster ride. Every day a new statement, every day a new claim. The so-called Indian strain could mean that Britain delays updating the Green List which will mean that Spain stays on “amber.” A new blow. Fresh hope this week with Spain announcing that they hope to welcome British tourists soon and the “Britain ban” will be lifted soon.

But the blame game has already started. The President of the Balearic government Francina Armengol said that if the rest of Spain had the same number of cases as the Balearics, the country would have been on the Green List. When politicians start blaming each other it usually means that they know something that we don´t and it is not good news. What concerns me is that the clock is ticking.

Every day that goes by means that the season gets shorter. It is all very well talking about extending the season to October or November but we are talking just a handful of tourists, not the millions which are needed. My bet is that British tourists will be able to travel to the island by July at the earliest. This could mean that we have two good months. It is better than nothing.

I was also slightly concerned when I heard the British government warning of long delays at airports. It doesn´t exactly make you want to go on holiday. The only thing that Mallorca can do is wait until things improve and be ready when tourists can finally start travelling. The roller-coaster ride will continue for a few more weeks yet.