Eco - tax in Majorca

Eco - tax in Majorca.

19-05-2021MDB files

The Balearic government are quick to say that they want tourists this summer but there is no mention of scrapping the tourist tax or even providing other incentives for tourists to visit. If and when there is a return to mass tourism the Balearics will be facing some stiff competition, not only from resorts in the Mediterranean but from across the globe.

Tourism-dependent states like Malta are offering plenty of incentives but so far nothing from the Balearics. Granted that the tourist tax is not an enormous sum of money but the Public Relations value of its scrapping would be enormous. Imagine the headlines; Balearic government scraps tax to attract bookers.

It is only a small gesture but I am sure that it will be well received by Mallorca´s loyal tourists. The tourist tax was a nice idea when the sun was shining and Majorca was one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Tourists accepted (overall) that it was a small price to pay. But that was then and this is now.

Tourists have obviously been hit by the economic slowdown as a result of Covid and also they have to pay the additional costs of PCR tests to travel to the island in the first place. A family holiday on Mallorca could be a very costly affair this summer.

By scrapping the tax the authorities are saying that they appreciate that costs are rising and are also thankful of the support from tourists. This same support helped with the introduction of the is the time to return the favour.


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Rich / Hace 8 months

'Economic slowdown', ummm how about economic meltdown. The tourist tax was never a good idea. To start with the name of it is atrocious, taxing people to come and contribute to your economy, 'rip-off tax' would be a far better name.


Roger / Hace 8 months

You are back on one of your favourite subjects - the tourist tax. Scrapping it would be a very bad idea and will only contribute to longer term problems...of which there are many potential ones looming based on the current actions of many!!...It is sad to read of the short-term desperation tactics being adopted by many....and as I have urged you and others to do previously, you really should learn at least something about tourism economics!!


Leo / Hace 8 months

The PCR test is the problem, that should be dealt with by the carrier, whether air or sea. Add it to the cost of booking. Ultimately they are responsible, the transport carrier ,for safe passage and checking the documentation.


Roy Falcon / Hace 8 months

The amount of extra tax taken from the extortionate price of hire cars would cover the tourist tax. If Mallorca is not careful normal tourists wont be able to afford to visit this beautiful island. Portugal and Turkey will benefit.


David elms / Hace 8 months

Jason you’ve been griping about the measly 3€ that goes towards social cohesion in this island since day one, so how come “The tourist tax was a nice idea when the sun was shining”. Just admit you’ve had a bee in your bonnet about this since day one. I’m knackered reading your tourist tax jeremiads these last few years, pls give it a rest.