A BIT more coordination is needed. Spain yesterday gave the green light for British tourists to visit but it is not as simple as that. Spain is still on Britain´s amber list which means that returning tourists have to quarantine on arrival home and have a number of PCR tests.

Infact, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quoted as saying that his government didn´t recommend visiting countries which are on the “amber” list. So Spain says Go and Britain says Wait and See! Meanwhile, the British travel industry is left reeling. It might have been a better idea for Spain and Britain to come together and work as one, afterall, Spain is Britain´s top holiday destination.

It is widely rumoured that Britain will place Spain on the Green List from next month. Why didn´t Spain just wait and then both countries could have had a coordinated response which would have meant far less confusion? It appears that governments are acting alone which is just making the problem more pronounced and causing yet more headaches for would-be holiday makers.

It must be said, though, that things are moving in the right direction. If all goes according to plan we could see the first arrival of British tourists in June. The summer season will be taking place, afterall. I just hope that the confusing statements will come to an end. Joining up the travel lines shouldn’t be complicated but it will require governments working together.