RCD Mallorca | T. AYUGA

I don't think you can teach Americans much about marketing; they invented it and are very good at it. But in one instance in Mallorca they are missing a trick and it is a costly mistake. American-owned Real Mallorca are now in the Spanish First Division, arguably the best in Europe. Real Mallorca will continue to struggle to fill the Son Moix stadium because they have a limited fan base.

So why not make Real Mallorca a tourist attraction? Actively encourage tourists to visit the Son Moix and watch a game. Years ago some of the big tour operators had excursions to see Real Mallorca play. They were shelved and never returned. But imagine (when times improve, of course) if Mallorca were playing in front of a capacity crowd of 20,000 fans at the Son Moix, underling the cosmopolitan mix of the island.

It would mean more revenue for the club which could be invested in new plays. Tourists would buy replica kits by the dozens as a lasting souvenir of their holiday on the island. All this is being missed and to be honest I do not understand why. It is like having an untapped revenue source sitting next door which no-one is interested in.

Real Mallorca is not a normal club....it is the soccer team of a massive holiday island. I do hope that the club's American owners exploit this state of affairs because it makes perfect sense to me. Real Mallorca being in the First Division is not only a great result for the team and its supporters it is also a great victory for the island.