There are fears that some parts of Spain could be lifting restrictions too fast. | L. B.¶

On Monday night, Fernando Simón, the Director of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, stated that the wearing of facemasks in outdoor public spaces could cease to be obligatory in July “or even before”.

Very encouraging indeed. But at the same time he reiterated his call for caution, and underlined the fact that in order for the change to be made it would be necessary to modify a law passed last year, and this process, like most in Spain, will take time. That is probably a good thing because there are fears in some sectors of the community that restrictions are being lifted too fast risking the threat of fresh spikes and the subsequent return of potential “local” lockdowns.

The massive street parties witnessed in Mallorca and elsewhere in Spain over the past few weeks since the curfew was lifted, much to the anger of the Balearic government which would have liked to have enforced it for a little longer, can on the one hand be understood. I guess they were inevitable, but why have they not been properly policed?

Surely the authorities knew this was going to happen, so why were they not prepared?
Yet again, holidaymakers have been thrown into the mix for causing the problem, which will not go down well. If there is any further easing, it has been under a controlled environment.