Magalluf has yet to open but the government is already giving it a hard time. | R.S.

While tens of thousands of people are literally running riot every weekend in the Playa de Palma, the Balearic government and Calvia Council has wasted no time in setting its sights on Magalluf.

During a meeting to discuss how best to revive Calvia’s struggling tourist season due to the lack of British holiday makers, the Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, reminded the Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, that he must not let his guard down with regards to ensuring that the strict controls introduced last year in an attempt to curb antisocial behaviour and excess drinking are enforced this summer.

Come on chaps, give the resort and all of the businesses and workers a break - Magalluf has not had a chance to open and get going yet and if the local authorities are going to start firing off threats to would be revellers planning on eventually coming to Magalluf, they might see Britons desperate for some fun in the sun going elsewhere.

I agree, law and order should be enforced (just like along the Playa de Palma - not) but the authorities, especially those responsible for tourism, need to be careful what messages they send out.

The British tourist industry is still extremely fragile and consumer confidence with regards to overseas travel very low - let us get the British back before throwing our toys out of the pram.