Spain's King Felipe and China's President Xi Jinping. | SUSANA VERA - REUTERS - X01622

I wish the Spanish authorities luck if they want to persuade Chinese, Japanese and South Korean tourists to enjoy a beach holiday on Mallorca! The latest thinking is that Spain should be looking East for new tourism markets. Tourists from these countries already come to Spain...but it is not the bucket and spade Spain but Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

It is cultural and sightseeing tourism by organised groups who are probably visiting other European cities as well. I remember one Balearic minister for tourism saying that they would be encouraging Chinese and Japanese tourists to stay longer in Spain and perhaps enjoy a brief beach holiday after their sightseeing tour of the mainland.

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I take it that the move didn´t prove too successful because I haven´t noticed a big increase in Far Eastern tourism around Palma! There is another problem. There are no direct flights from Palma to Tokyo or Beijing. I do believe that the Balearics should continue to do what they are very good at; welcoming tourists from Northern Europe.

These are certainly our bread and butter markets. Resorts do need to be improved, though. Take the Playa de Palma, one of the biggest holiday resorts in Spain. It needs investment. There are other examples of resorts on the island which also need an injection of cash. It is a pity that the tourist tax cash is not being used solely to improve the resorts. Attracting tourists from far distant lands may be a dream but German and British tourism is a reality.