“I just hope that it is not a question of easing restrictions too early...” | Gemma Andreu

A big gamble...which could pay dividends but it could lead to disaster. I would say that the Spanish government are making the same mistake they made last year.... taking Spain out of all the Covid restrictions too fast. Infact by the end of this month few restrictions will remain and it could be said that life has returned to normal.

Not bad for a country which was in complete lockdown just three months ago. While Covid appears to have been brought under control in Spain it has not been eradicated. There are still a large number of daily cases. Obviously, like everyone else I welcome the end of the face mask outdoors but I remember thinking that Covid was all over last year...and then we went into lockdown.

We must still be on our guard and social distancing needs to be maintained. The announcement that the mask has gone is great news for the tourist industry also. It was one of the chief concerns and moans of tourists. If Sanchez´s gamble proves successful then his government should be congratulated because it has performed a small miracle.

The vaccination process has been complicated but in the end everything appears to be going in the right direction. I have now been fully vaccinated with both jabs, if you had asked me this two months ago I would have just laughed because the vaccination process did appear to have some problems. Normal life is returning again...they will be dangers and we must stay vigilant.