It is time for the Balearic tourist industry to reflect on what it is built on. | J. FURONES

There has been a concerted effort over the past few years to change Majorca’s image and move away from sun and sea tourism.

But, starved of tourists, the Balearic government and tourism bodies in both the public and private sectors, should be taking a long hard look at the history of the island’s tourist industry and just what it was built on - beach holidays.

In the good old days, when many local business people made their millions while others laid the foundations for their billion-euro tourism empires, Majorca’s biggest attraction was the beach, sun, sea, sand and sangria - fun.

Needless to say, as we all know, it worked and continues to work, despite an increasing number of people thumbing their noses at this sector of the market.

However, like it or nor, this is the biggest section of the market.
Yes sports, culture and gastronomy are emerging markets but they don’t appeal to the masses.

Oh no, I’ve used the ‘M’ word, mass tourism, another so-called threat to the future of Mallorca.

In an ideal world we would have fewer tourists spending more money, sounds great but in reality what are the authorities doing about it?

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Furthermore, they can’t control market forces. If millions of people want to come to Mallorca to enjoy the island’s glorious beaches, let them because if not, they’ll go somewhere else.