Hundreds of Spanish students, were on their end-of-term getaway

Hundreds of Spanish students, were on their end-of-term getaway.

30-06-2021MDB files

Someone, somewhere dropped their guard and the Balearics is now facing a major crisis which could have a direct impact on the tourist industry. Just last week the regional authorities were celebrating being the only area in Spain to be on Britain´s coveted Green List for safe travel. But while the champagne classes were being raised at local government HQ a crisis was brewing in the Playa de Palma.

Hundreds of Spanish students, were on their end-of-term getaway . Not only where they hitting the beach and going to nightspots in Palma they even attended a concert at the bullring. No social distancing and few masks and the end result was predictable, an increase in the number of Covid cases amongst the students.

The Balearic government went into overdrive trying to isolate them in a Palma hotel and giving the police strict instructions that they were not to leave the island. Some had already left before the alarm was raised.

The island of calm is on red alert. Whether it is directly connected or not the number of Covid cases on the island has increased dramatically over recent days and the Balearic government, who had been accused of being far too cautious, are now severely red-faced. How did this happen?

It was probably a case of someone, somewhere let their guard down. It could be a costly mistake both in terms of public health and economics. But someone, somewhere is responsible and that person should be penning a letter of resignation.


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Brett Dennis / Hace 7 months

Mr Tom says Armengol to blame, maybe partially, but it is these students who are to blame. They did not behave responsibly and Mallorca suffers the consequences.


Tom / Hace 7 months

its Armengol who is to blame. As she loosened all restrictions too fast too much ! the results we are all seeing now, She and Boris should got on holidays this summer together and I would suggest they go to India or Malaysia, both countries in Covid meltdown, they might learn a few things actually while down there....and hopefully apply more common sense and medical facts , instead of only thinking about tourists and the benefits for some major ailriena and travel companies only... its simple she is to blame purely for putting economics first before public health ! Any way she has lost all control, and the police are too scared to even stop kids parting ... so the results of all this won the road are pretty clear to everyone ... back to restrictions and lock downs after the summer ... repeat of 2020, nothing learnt by politicians at all.