Plenty of people are still wearing their masks around Palma, me too. | DANIEL ESPINOSA

Maybe it has become a habit, or perhaps not everyone is convinced we should be ditching our masks when possible.

I still find myself walking out of the house to work or about Palma with my mask on, to some extent I kind of feel naked without it and, to be honest, I intend to keep on wearing it because, as case numbers spike again, I am not sure it was a wise call for the Prime Minister to make.

I know people who complained right from the start claiming they were no good at preventing the spread of Covid. But when I look back to the winter, I don’t know anyone who caught a cold or ‘flu. Why? Because we were all wearing masks, so as far as I am concerned that is proof enough that masks do work.

Obviously, it was a momentous moment when we were allowed to exercise outdoors without masks, there was logic in that and sadly, the same goes for masks partly on in gyms, although I fear it can not be healthy training with a mask on.

I’ve tried it and it did not work, but now the sun is shining, I can leave the gym for the winter and stick to outdoor exercising.

That said, with all the chatter about a fourth wave coming this Autumn and Winter, it could masks back on once the summer sun goes down. But if that is the case, at least, apart from shielding us against Covid, we will not be catching coughs, colds and ‘flu again like last winter. So I’m keeping my masks handy.