The island’s film industry is braced for massive international growth. | PILAR PELLICER

Mallorca has been used as a film location for decades, but over the past few years, the island’s audiovisual industry has blossomed and now, as we emerge from the pandemic and travel is back on the cards, the Mallorcan film industry is expecting a surge in activity.

Apart from hosting two of the most influential and popular film festivals in Europe, the island has caught the eye of major production companies from across the world. Feature films, TV series, documentaries, music videos and fashion shoots, it is all happening on the island.

Apart from offering highly professional technicians, film crews and production companies, it is the landscape which is Mallorca’s big attractions - not to mention it is just a few hours flight from most of Europe’s major cities, boasts top class hotels and services and no location is very far from another - not to mention the climate which guarantees all-year shooting.

Mallorca has, for example, been used as a “double destination or location” for countries like Syria, Afghanistan, India, Bosnia the French Riviera and even neighbouring Ibiza, the possibilities are endless and with the likes of Netflix, the BBC, ITV and other international producers filming in Mallorca, the word is rapidly spreading that Mallorca is the place to film.

The Council of Mallorca is well aware of this and has swung into action to promote the island’s virtues so bring on the lights, cameras and the action.