The UK double-jab scheme is a game changer, Majorca has to make full use of it. | as

The UK’s double-jab travel announcement could be a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is a major boost for the Mallorcan tourist industry and will significantly ease the pressure on the island’s industry if next week the Balearics is moved from green to amber on the UK’s travel traffic light.

However, what the double-jab ruling has done is open up the Mediterranean tourist industry which means that Mallorca’s unique position as being the only green destination in Spain will mean little once the double-jab comes into effect.

Tour operators and travel agencies in the UK yesterday reported a surge in bookings, but not only to the Balearics and Spain, but to holiday destinations all across the Mediterranean with Greece and its islands proving, as expected, extremely popular.
So, the situation is going to get complicated.

Apart from keeping one eye on the Covid situation, the Balearic tourist industry is going to have to keep the other on its competitors.

Majorca, for example, will have to watch its pricing - value for money is to be the key.
I know everybody wants to get working and see the money come flooding back in but the industry can’t afford to be slap happy.

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Millions of people have not had a holiday for nearly two years, they are going to want to return home knowing that it was well worth coming to Mallorca.