“British tourists are coming to Spain almost against all odds...”

“British tourists are coming to Spain almost against all odds...”

01-07-2021Gemma Andreu

Much is said about the special relationship between the U.S. and Britain but what about the special relationship between Spain and Britain? I would say that it is even closer than the much publicised Anglo/U.S. alliance. British tourists are heading to Spain in big numbers, almost against all odds. Not even claims that Britain could place Spain on the Amber Plus list (which would mean that even those who have received the double vaccine would have to quarantine) have stopped the British march on Spain.

Obviously, this is fantastics news for the Spanish and Balearic economies. I don’t think that Spain could have a more loyal holidaymaker than the British. The Spanish special relationship does have its problems, though. Spain continues to take a tough line on Gibraltar and it could be argued that in certain quarters on Mallorca the Germans are more popular than the Brits. But the Brits just love Spain and the Balearics.

It is a relationship which started in the 1960s and still continues to prosper today. Local newspapers have heralded the arrival of the British like the saviours of the summer season. In Minorca for instance; British tourism is vital.

Even in Mallorca, British tourists are desperately needed. I sincerely hope that Spain, or at least the Balearics can escape the Amber Plus List and British tourists can continue to enjoy the islands. The Brits are coming and you are more than welcome.


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Lucas / Hace 6 months

We all hate most british tourists (young ones mostly) who are extremely loud, dirty as hell and think the world revolves around them not to mention their enormous vovid risk... but indeed you people can sell your soul to devil for their sterlines!!! Such a shame!! And no... not all brits are welcomed!!! See ya!


Malcolm Smith / Hace 6 months

Slow news day Jason? When Humphrey was writing this column, we had a fresh comment every day.