“If you haven´t been vaccinated then you could face a problem...” | EFE¶


We appear to be moving towards a world in which if you don´t have a vaccine passport (in other words you have received both jabs) then you may find that you can´t go to a restaurant, bar or a concert. We appear to be moving in this direction in Mallorca at the moment.

Whether or not it is just a threat by the local authorities so that more people get the jab I don´t know, but it does appear that all those who are fighting vaccination could find themselves out in the cold. We need to move forward and the vaccine is being heralded as just that. I do find it rather amazing that people are so opposed to being vaccinated.

To be honest I am no doctor and if the medical profession say I must be vaccinated then I will do so. In fact, I have already received both jabs so hopefully I will be able to continue going to my favourite bar and restaurant and also I will be able to fly away from these shores. The vaccination process in Mallorca is proving to be swift and effective after a slow start. The local authorities do deserve plenty of credit.

At the moment life can´t continue as it is. Our tourism industry is struggling and shop sales have fallen dramatically and we are in a bad economic condition. If the vaccine passport is the way forward then fine. But for once we must take note of what the local authorities and doctors say....the vaccine is needed to fight the coronavirus and there is little or no escape for those who haven´t got a valid excuse.