The current outlook bodes well for an extended season. | DANIEL ESPINOSA

Balearic airports are having to deal with the busiest weekend of the year to date with Palma airport operating at nearly 80 percent capacity and the bulk of the flights are arriving from the UK.

Remaining on amber has done nothing to dampen the UK’s love affair with Mallorca and the local tourism authorities have admitted that the British will save the season, although Britons are also heading to competing destinations so Majorca can not afford to let its guard down.

Hoteliers are offering great deals to fend off stiff competition from the likes of Greece and Croatia and bookings to Mallorca jumped by another 15 percent over the past few days since the traffic light travel review in the UK.

And, with covid case numbers dropping, the current outlook bodes well for an extended season.

The next travel review in the UK is at the end of this month, so Majorca has got at least three weeks to make the most of the British market, but should Spain remain amber or even be promoted to green, then hoteliers will have to seriously think about staying open longer while the authorities will have to launch promotional campaigns in the UK to remind people that the island is staying open and that everyone is welcome.

In the meantime, let us all make sure that all visitors are given the holiday of a lifetime, are treated well, made to feel at home so that they will return next year when travel will be easier and we should be in a solid position to start putting the pandemic behind us and looking towards a much brighter future.