“Overall the customer service in Mallorca is superb...but there are some exceptions.”

“Overall the customer service in Mallorca is superb...but there are some exceptions.”

23-07-2021A. BORRAS

All our hearts went out to bar and restaurant staff when they were forced to close down during the lockdown. It must be a nightmare situation if you want to work and earn money but you can´t because of a global pandemic. Since the easing of restrictions the majority of staff have gone back to work and offer fantastic service. But there are a few tiny exceptions which I have encountered.

For the first time in my life I have actually left bars and restaurants because the service was so slow. I don´t mind waiting 10 or 15 minutes, longer if staff say that they are busy and thank you for your understanding but being left sitting at a table for a quarter of an hour with no explanation or even a word from staff is just not good enough and I walk! I think one thing which we have all learnt during the pandemic is that all businesses should be looking after their customers more than ever.

Times are hard and customer service should be superb. In most cases it is but there are some, (and I am talking about a very, very small minority) who need to take a course on customer service. Now it could be a case that businesses are short staffed and employees are feeling the pressure but to be honest, as a customer, it is not my problem.

I am a relatively understanding person and a kind word goes a long way, but to be ignored is not acceptable. I am not asking for miracles but remember the days when we all wanted to work but couldn´t because of the restrictions?


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John / Hace 5 months

I actually think your being too kind. There is bad customer service everywhere in Mallorca and Spain in general. British are raised to understand good manners and this is carried forward to customer service in working life. Also many people actually hate doing their jobs in hospitality and it's clear to see this,as the service is poor. We come to expect good levels when we are served,the rest don't.