“It looks as if there is light at the end of the tunnel after the nightmare...”

“It looks as if there is light at the end of the tunnel after the nightmare...”

13-08-2021Jason Moore

Things are back to normal! I was wandering around Palma the other day and I was struck by how busy it was...tourists, cruise passengers, passengers on organised tours, locals. It felt like our capital city had returned to normal during the summer months after an 18 month nightmare. I stood at the top of the Jaime III and looked down at the busy street, it was lovely to see it.

I remember 15 months ago when Jaime III was empty. Not a person in sight and all the shops closed, thanks to the pandemic. Scary times which appear to be behind us (fingers crossed). The key of course has been the vaccine. To be honest these days the only people who can travel on holiday here (with few problems) are those who have been vaccinated twice. I am amazed that the Balearic government feels the need to make the vaccine compulsory.

It is quite amazing the number of people who are refusing to have the jab even though it is vital (soon you may not be allowed to enter a bar or restaurant if you haven´t had the vaccine). The sight of a busy Jaime III is also good news for the local economy. It could mean that we have finally turned the corner and can look forward to a return to economic growth.

There are many hurdles still to overcome and we are not out of the woods just yet but remember just 12 months ago we were in a very bad place. The future this year looks a lot more promising. I think we can safely say that the worst is over.


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Daz / Hace 6 months

And I have to add if Spain plays it's cards right it will boom because UK resorts have literally pulled our eyes out. Prices have gone through the roof, we had a chance to prove that the UK is a great holiday destination but they have totally blew that theory out of the window. I will now certainly be looking closely and all the reviews on Majorca to see how things are going with regards to holiday expense and I might even get across for late September early October which is something I do every year.

Majorca don't try to get all your money back this year keep prices reasonable and think of the long term recovery because us Brits don't forget.

Good luck to all the businesses over there I really wish you all the luck.