Why were Afghans given the hope of a better life only to see it snatched away? | STRINGER

We were sold a story that NATO troops were in Afghanistan to remove the evil Taliban. We were told that the presence of troops was making the lives of ordinary Afghans better. We were told of torture, intimidation and murder by the Taliban regime and now it looks as if “the evil” are going to retake the country.

Thousands of people have died over the last twenty years and many more have been injured fighting for a better Afghanistan but the country now looks as if it will return to the horrors of before. To be honest the U.S. and to a lesser extent, Britain, have a moral obligation to the people of Afghanistan.

Troops need to return, not only to protect the Afghans who were also told a story of democracy and prosperity, but to finish the job started by so many who have lost their lives for a cause which was then simply abandoned.

How can the U.S. and Britain walk the world stage talking of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, when they have pulled out of Afghanistan and abandoned the Afghans to a monstrous regime? It is not our problem, I hear some of you say, but if it isn´t our problem we shouldn´t have got involved in the first place.

Why were Afghans given the hope of a better life only to see it snatched away? I am sicken by what is occurring. Granted that it was President Bush who took the U.S. and Britain into Afghanistan.

It was undoubtedly a mistake because the end result is clear to all to see. But next time western governments talk of regime change remember that the chances of them seeing the job done to the end are very slim.