Spain is now leading Europe’s vaccine roll out while the UK appears to have stalled.

Spain is now leading Europe’s vaccine roll out while the UK appears to have stalled.

18-08-2021Chema Moya - Chema Moya - EFE -

There appears to be some doubts as to whether Spain will hit its 70% fully vaccinated target by September as laid out by the prime minister, but the country will not be far off.
Spain is at the top of the list of countries that are vaccinating their populations against Covid-19 the fastest, but the rhythm of the process has slowed considerably over the last month.

The campaign hit new heights in the second week of July, when more than half a million people were being immunised every day and 379,000 people were receiving their second shots. But since then, this latter figure has been steadily falling: 272,000 second doses administered every day by the end of July, 189,000 in the first half of August, and 172,000 in the last seven days. In just five weeks, the rate has fallen by 55%.

This however, could be down to a number of factors, primarily people are on holiday and not near their vaccination post. It is certainly not because of a large number of anti-vax sentiment and youngsters not wanting the jab.

Teenagers and students can’t get vaccinated fast enough because they are aware of the implications and how not being jabbed could hamper their lifestyle. Unlike the UK where students have the chance of winning 5,000 pounds at one university if they get jabbed. Like it or not, if you don’t get vaccinated by choice, your life will never be the same again.


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Rich / Hace 5 months

I've had covid and got over it so I assume my antibodies killed it so I'm probably of less danger to the surrounding public than a double jabbed person is as regards the delta variant. Once the 'vaccine craze' has passed we will, as will our body's, learn to live with and adapt to covid. I'd just rather wait until 2023 when the vaccine will complete its long term trials and all the bugs dealt with.


nigel / Hace 5 months

Humphrey, as of yesterday 76% of the over 18's in the Baleares have had the full dose, the jury is still out on whether the "risk factor" for under 18's sustainable. In 20 years time, when I will be long gone, and remember the horrors of Therlidomide babies, I just hope when the jury returns, they are 100%.