People carry the national flag at a protest held during the Afghan Independence Day in Kabul

People carry the national flag at a protest held during the Afghan Independence Day in Kabul

20-08-2021Stringer .

Not our finest hour. The disgrace of the western withdrawal from Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent Iraq, shows the western world in a dreadful light and makes a mockery of all the rhetoric about a new start for both countries. In the case of Afghanistan it ended how many suspected it would from the start; a retreat.

But what is happening in Kabul at the moment is not just a pull-out of troops, it is a complete failure of western governments to honour their promises to the people of Afghanistan. The NATO allies have left as quickly as they arrived. Probably what was needed in Afghanistan was patience and time to get the job done. In the end it was a quick and unorderly exit.

President Joe Biden has said that no American will be left behind...but what about the promises made by previous American Presidents to the Afghan people? The promise of security and a new way of life. This is a watershed moment for the U.S.; in the same way as Suez marked the end of Britain´s status as a superpower perhaps Afghanistan will be the same for the U.S.

What is clear is that the U.S. does not have an appetite for a long drawn-out conflict despite the promises which were made. The British were forced out of Afghanistan, then the Soviets and now the U.S. led coalition.

The Afghan people will surely never trust a “liberating army ”ever again. It is sad that it has all ended this way....but the Russians and historians will say: “we told you so...”


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Rich / Hace 5 months

An army at war wins it by all means necessary, if victory was wanted the the taliban should have been annihilated by all means necessary, even at the cost of innocent non-combatants. Thats how you win. Did we care about the civilians in Dresden? No, winning the war was more important. The final result is what counts, want to stop beheading, stoning, amputations etc then make the tough decisions.


James T / Hace 5 months

This time it was easy to be wise BEFORE the event.

Unfortunately, we were all dragged behing George Bush junior and the implicit threat of "Either your're with us or against us".

We seem to be making a habit of getting involved well beyond ourown shores and then making an almighty mess of it - Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Lybia to name just a few.

And then we go and build an aircraft carrier and sail it up to China, to 'send a message.

Oh my God...