No government got handling the pandemic right but perhaps the Balearics did OK. | A.G.

The Balearics has proven to have been the most popular holiday destination in Spain this summer for foreign visitors. Who would have thought we would have been reading that four to five months ago?

It’s very easy to be critical and no government by any means has handled the pandemic to everybody’s liking - that would be impossible to achieve. You can never please everybody, especially when handling an unprecedented crisis.

Small businesses are still hurting and waiting for overdue government financial aid and the foreign tourists which have come, may not have benefited all of the tourist chain.

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But, international and domestic tourism did eventually provide the Balearics with a season - finding a room on the island of Formentera has been impossible, not to mention the cost - now the challenge is to try and prolong the season for as long as possible.

The Canaries, which are on the eve of the start of peak season, will enter the market very aggressively as they see the winter as their big chance to claw back some of their losses, but the Balearics, in particular Mallorca, should be able to handle domestic and international competition.

Palma’s city and boutique hotels have reported extremely high occupancy rates, as has the rural tourism market while the luxury sector has also performed well. Don’t throw in the towel on 2021 just yet.