It looks like banks have failed to properly recover from the great crash in 2008. | R.L.

Deya is now facing a future without having a single bank branch in the village and I wonder how many other villages around Mallorca are already in the same boat. It’s hard enough to find a bank branch in Palma nowadays and then they only offer limited services during set hours.

For example, at my local branch, bills etc. can only be paid between 9am and 11am after that they can either be paid electronically via on line banking, at the ATM or come back the next day. I wonder if all of the thousands of bank staff who have been laid off in Spain or are about to be given the chop are huge fans of on line banking. It’s killed off their job prospects and I dread to think what banking is going to look like in years to come.
Is Spain looking at the end of the high street bank like the UK?

On line baking is all very well but if I, for example, what to embark on a major financial transaction or need some serious advice, I would expect to be able to sit down and have some face time with a financial advisor or specialist at my local bank. It’s not as if they don’t charge me bank fees!

And, how do people of a certain age cope with on line banking or even the state-of-the-art ATMs?

It must be very worrying for many people that they have no professional human interaction when dealing with their financial affairs, it must also be equally concerning for the future of bank staff.