“Overall the industry is in good shape but it is such a shame that a golden opportunity has been missed...” | M.E. JUAN

A golden opportunity has been missed. For months the tourist industry was effectively closed down as a result of the pandemic. It should have been a moment to take stock and plan for the future. There are important question marks hanging over the industry. What is the future of Magalluf? The Balearic government has said that it wants to outlaw the so-called “tourism of excesses.”

Much has been spoken about it but what exactly has been done? Little. The local government and local councils could have entered talks with bar and nightclub owners to plan for the future. Little or nothing was happening in Magalluf so this was the time to plan for the future.

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There are those who believe that the local authorities should call last orders on Magalluf and there are others who say that it is a party resort and should be left as it is. Even the tour operators are in the dark, not knowing whether to promote it in its existing form or the new form which is wanted by the government.

Then there is the issue of cruise ships. Before the pandemic there was a whole movement around Palma to reduce the number of visits by the giant cruise ships. Too many people arriving at the same time. But once again the city was split. The government promised to limit numbers but that was then.

Overall, the industry is in good shape and well placed to make a full recovery next year but it is such a shame than a great opportunity to resolve some of the big problems within the industry has been missed. It appears that the industry will remain as it is and cruise ships and Magalluf will continue to be in the spotlight.