“The council needs to do something about scooters and bicycles...” | R.L.


The Palma city council is planning to extend and improve their rent-a-bike scheme. I am all in favour of saving the environment and making the city a better place to live, but until Palma is prepared for more bicycles then the council should think again.

There are some cycle lanes around the city but not enough and cyclists and electric scooter riders have little option but to use the pavement or pedestrianised streets. Pedestrians and cyclists do not mix and it can be dangerous.

The same can be said about electric scooters. Either the council introduce more cycle lanes and tell scooter riders to watch their speed or they can forget environmentally friendly transport. Some city centre streets are like a race track during the morning and afternoon rush-hours.

You have to watch your back at all times because otherwise you risk serious injury as bicycles and electric scooters thunder-by. I think in some instances bicycles should be banned from the pavement because they are a threat. If there is a cycle track then they should use it.

On pedestrianised streets perhaps one side for pedestrians and the other for cyclists and scooter riders? I don´t know what the answer is but the present system is not working. The council needs to think again and fast.

With regard to cars the council should also try and consider persuading motorists to use public transport. Back to work and schools means that the city exits and entrances are often gridlock.