Well, it’s not just the water but the weather in general, it’s a winter paradise. | J. AGUIRRE


I was very surprised to have been presented with a host of things to so this Sunday. Apart from the regular game of tennis, a swim was put on the menu.

A swim! On October 24? Yes, with maximum temperatures breaching 24ºC in Palma and other parts of the island, we were not the only people on the beach, in fact, considering the time of year, it was extremely busy and there were plenty of people around me in the sea.

And it was not just yesterday. Last Thursday evening I had an appointment in Portixol and as I travelled along the Paseo Maritimo past the Convention Centre and Can Pere Antoni beach in front, there were late afternoon sunbathers and swimmers.

Yes, the summers have gone on and on in the Balearics in the past, I remember having a few shandies on Christmas Day on a terrace in Palma dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.
Is it down to climate change or is it “just one of those things” we who live in Mallorca and fortunate to enjoy.

One thing is for sure, those Britons who have come over for half term must be in heaven and extremely pleased with themselves that they made the right decision to come to Mallorca.

Providing everything matched the standards of the great weather, then surely many of those lucky visitors, especially those on their first trip, will come back next year.