The water in Mallorca don’t taste like what it ought to according to latest study. | Jason Moore

Mallorca bangs on and on about the need for top quality services across the board, well there is one basic yet vital natural resource which is in need of some serious TLC - the tap water. According to the results of the latest tests of the country’s tap water quality by the OCU Organisation of Consumers, Palma, along with Huelva and Barcelona, has the worst tap water in Spain.

Out of the 60 municipalities in which the tap water was tested, Palma plunged in to the bottom three. The organisation took into account a number of factors such as taste, economic efficiency and the quantity of lime and copper in the water.

Considering that Palma is one of the most expensive cities in Spain to live, one has to wonder why the city’s water quality is so poor.

And, at a time when we are all being urged to turn our backs on plastic, Palma residents, like myself, sadly have no option but to depend on bottled water.

Desalination plants have been built over recent years and Mallorca has two giant reservoirs, so where is the problem? We know that the sewage network can’t cope, every time it rains Palma’s beaches are closed due to sewage leaks, so is the whole water system falling to pieces?

If so, instead of spending European Union funds on a tram, perhaps it would be better spent on improving the quality of the water - much better for our health and our image.