It’s been going on in the United States for decades, soon it could be in Mallorca

It’s been going on in the United States for decades, soon it could be in Mallorca

26-11-2021MDB files

I remember popping down to the local supermarket with my cousins in Los Angeles to “cash in” empty cans and bottles in return for a few cents per item, it all mounted up for enough for us to buy some sweets or something, it was a boost to the pocket money.

That was some 40 years ago, today in the States they charge extra for containers which can be returned and recycled and that money can be recuperated on return of purchase.

Now, it appears that a similar system could be introduced in the Balearics and across Spain as part of the war against climate change.

According to a recent survey, 85 percent of consumers said that they would welcome and actively engage in any such scheme.

What is more, central government is considering introducing recycling incentives as part of a new waste management law, but it may not come into force until as early as 2023 and the majority of people would like to see the scheme introduced much earlier.

The willingness of so many people interested in the proposal is a clear indication of how serious the general public is taking the issue of climate change and the need for recycling.

It may appear to be a small gesture with regard to the vast scale of the task at hand of tackling climate change, but if the vast majority of a leading European nation like Spain is prepared to take action, then in the long term, the result could be extremely positive.


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Adam / Hace 10 days

These Machines have been Germany for 10 years and everyone uses them , Mallorca is quite a long way from using them it has to be made mandatory !