Mallorca was in pole position for a green fuel revolution over a decade ago. | G. ALOMAR

Just over ten years ago I was introduced to an expatriate businessman based in Banyabulfar - no it was not Sir Richard Branson.

The contact was a large British nautical business in Puerto Pollensa.
The story was that the entrepreneur had perfected making fuel out of Majorcan olive oil and that it was 100 percent eco friendly.

And, just to prove it, the yachting company, which was backing the initiative, decided to test run two identical powerboats in the bay of Pollensa. One ran on the usual diesel, the other the olive-oil based fuel.

So, out we went in to the bay and to everyone’s astonishment, the yacht powered by olive oil performed better as the two skippers pushed their vessels up to maximum speed - some readers may remember the coverage in the Bulletin.

We are only talking a decade ago and all of the major fuel production companies and engine manufacturers involved in the global yachting industry were contacted and presented with the proof and data of the olive oil test runs, how easy and relatively cost effective it was to produce and that it was eco friendly.

Did any of the companies take any notice? No. They were all making plenty of money and climate change was not on their agenda. Just think what it could have meant for Mallorca if just one major company had taken note.