Boris Johnson. | EFE

Much though we look to share the weekly honour around, it can be difficult when there are such consistently strong candidates - one in particular. You have to hand it to Boris Johnson. He is certainly cut from a different cloth to that of his predecessors. Theresa May would never have gone on about Peppa Pig World.

David Cameron wouldn’t have made “vroom, vroom” sounds during a CBI speech. Boris, on the other hand, does these and more. Excruciating it was, but Boris thought that it went over well. Was everything ok, prime minister? He believed so, but many did not. The cloth is wearing thin.

Three cheers...

For the latest idea for greening the Balearics and for increasing the islands’ renewable energy production. Realistically, and despite other options being considered, there is only the one renewable source, and that is solar. An issue with this is finding the land to instal solar parks without incurring the opposition of pressure groups.

Renewable energy

In this regard, unused land next to Mallorca’s main roads would seem to be a very good possibility - the government and the Council of Majorca certainly think so. Drawbacks? Few, if any, one would think. Though someone did point out that panels could be a target for graffiti so-called artists.

A big boo....

And unfortunately for a second week in a row - the weather. The rain was now getting to be a serious pain. And just when you thought it was getting better, another isolated depression loomed on the meteorologist map.

Bad Weather in Mallorca

Yes, so there was some snow, something which always gets us excited despite it falling each winter, but could we please have some of that sun for which Mallorca is famed. Solar panels? Forget them. With hindsight, it was probably as well that the tourism season hadn’t extended into November. But wait, an improvement may just be on its way.