Spain was so close to approving the new budget but parties have switched channels | T.V.

It seems hard to understand but the debate over Spain’s new budget has taken a new twist and it gives an interesting insight into how passionate some parties are about the protection of languages such as Catalan.

The spanner has hit the political works over the government’s apparent hesitation to introduce language quotas on streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO. What left wing independent parties, which the Prime Minister had to rely on to form his mega coalition government are demanding is that a certain percentage of original content on the streaming platforms be produced in regional languages - Catalan, Basque and Galician.

The Economy Minister Nadia Calvino said this week that the budget and streaming content were two different issues and that has upset the Catalan separatist group Esquerra Republicana which has threatened to withdraw its support for the budget unless the quotas are approved.

The 6% minority language quota will only affect streaming platforms headquartered in Spain, not companies like Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime, as proposed by a Spanish government bill that is yet to be approved in Congress but Esquerra want the quota to be applied to all platforms, especially international ones. Never mind how the PM will get round this, is there enough regional language material out their to show and there really the market?