Plenty of people are planning on travelling but many are staying close to home. | R.L.

The new travel restrictions, Covid passports and the extra cost of tests are making people think twice about overseas travel this winter. That is not to stay people are not going to travel, but the majority are going to do so in their home country.

With regards to the UK, Britons have been hit with the double whammy of extra PCR tests which will come at a price and this has put people off overseas travel. More than half of parents in the UK (53%) with teens say the costs of Covid tests for their children are preventing them from booking last-minute getaways.

All travellers aged 12 years and over must now take a PCR or lateral flow test before they travel to England from abroad - people simply can’t be bothered or afford it. And Spain will not allow youngsters over 12 to enter the country if not fully vaccinated. Closer to home, 63 percent of Spaniards are planning on travelling this winter, but not overseas and fortunately, people living in Spain are spoilt for choice.

We’ve got winter sun in the Canary Islands or skiing in Andalusia and the north east of the country which boasts some of the best resorts in Europe - that is, for example, my winter holiday plan. Jump in the car, drive onto a ferry and off into the mountains, no PCRs, no airport queues, no confusion, just my Covid passport. Staycations are looking to be the easiest option - yet again.