A person walking his dogs. | Gemma Andreu

Last Sunday I went for a walk along the seafronts in Palmanova and Magalluf, it was a glorious day after weeks of wind and rain and there were plenty of people out enjoying the mild sunny weather.

The beach was packed with beach volleyball players and also young families with their kids - it was hard to take in that it was the middle of December and there were even a few people in the sea! However, the Local Police were out in force controlling dog owners.

I witnessed one incident when two dogs, off their leads on the beach, stormed into a very young family and frightened the life out of the three children all aged under five. The parents took issue with the dog owner but he shrugged them off and carried on walking, although he did put the dogs on their leads. However, one of the group was not having any of it, she was on her phone straight away to the police and followed the dog owner all the way along the beach until he was eventually located by the police who subsequently fined him. Fortunately, none of the family were bitten, but from what I saw, they received the fright of their lives. The majority of people I saw with their dogs had them on a lead, even on the beach, but all it takes is one owner to complicate life for the majority. Dogs will be dogs, especially if given the freedom of a beach but I think some owners need to be more responsible.