Vaccination for children. | Sergio G. Cañizares

The announcement that the Spanish government is pondering new restrictions to fight the latest Covid wave sent shockwaves through Spain over the weekend. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will be holding talks with the various regional leaders on Wednesday to discuss a series of new measures. It is widely rumoured that the use of the Covid passport in the Balearics will be extended as part of these new measures.

For the Balearics the meeting comes at a difficult time because Balearic leader Francina Armengol has tested positive for Covid so she is unlikely to attend the meeting which will be via video conference. The Balearic government continues to put great faith in the Covid passport and the vaccination programme as a whole. Armengol said in a message on her twitter site that vaccination was the only way forward but some people are growing skeptical especially as the Balearic President herself has tested positive.

Despite the fact that the Covid passport is readily in use a small percentage of people are refusing the jab. Counterfeit Covid passports are said to be readily available. This sixth wave has come as a big blow for the Balearics because many thought that we were effectively out of the woods and we would be able to enjoy a “normal” Christmas. The threat of new restrictions has just made the problem even more pronounced. What is evident is that the battle against Covid continues and it will be a long fight.