Covid passport in bars and restaurants. | M.A.CAÑELLAS

I do find it rather amazing the lengths that some people will go to in an effort to avoid being vaccinated. Counterfeit vaccine passports are allegedly readily available on social media, an online site has been created in Mallorca telling people which restaurants and bars they can go to where the vaccine passport is not asked for. I just find the whole thing very selfish.

If you don´t want to have the vaccine, that is your decision but please stay at home, don´t go out because you are putting the rest of us at risk. Your reasons are your concern but I don´t really care. If you prefer to take the advice of an anonymous person online rather than the medical profession, then do so. Your decision. But please don´t get the rest of us involved. Make your point on your own, please. Some people actually believe that they are being really clever...because as we know (not) the vaccine is all a secret plot by the CIA to take over the world.

All those anti-VAX people reading this will be saying, you will eat your words Moore but as far as I am concerned they can take a run and jump. Perhaps, I may be old fashioned and I do not follow online but if the government tells me to do something I give them the benefit of the doubt. This is why we vote for a government in the first place. If you don´t agree well perhaps you should find a nice little island somewhere preferably many thousands of miles away and take up residence and stay there!