A single glass of rather poor quality wine cost 4.50 euros

A single glass of rather poor quality wine cost 4.50 euros.


Some bars just don´t get the message do they? I had a glass of wine in central Palma on Wednesday night. The setting couldn´t have been better. The Christmas lights looked magnificent and there was a great atmosphere. These were the high points...the low point a single glass of rather poor quality wine cost 4.50 euros. This is more than the average price of a glass of wine in the UK, (in 2020 the average cost of a glass of wine in Britain was 407 pence). In these hard times when we are all watching our euros I don´t think this sort of pricing is acceptable. You can buy a bottle of relatively good quality wine in a supermarket for the same price or even less.

A wine in Mallorca should be far cheaper than the UK because Spain is one of the homes of wine and even Mallorca has a fair share of vineyards. When are some businesses going to learn that they can´t just cash in on the poor unsuspecting punter? Next time I go out to a bar in the centre of Palma I will have no option but to ask for the price first before placing my order. Rather embarrassing yes, but necessary. If we are not careful there is a danger that Palma will price itself out of the market which will have a knock-on effect on the tourist trade. I think the local government should set a minimum and maximum price for drinks such as beer and wine. No one likes to think they are being ripped off and this was the certainly the case in this bar in central Palma.


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Oliver / Hace 25 days

4.50 actually seems reasonable


Marvin / Hace 25 days

It has been a long term custom, in Mallorca at least, that when times get tough and trade is down to put the prices up. I encountered the same in Pollença this summer when a glass of wine jumped from 2.50 to 4.50 €. The waitress was so apologetic as she obviously thought we were tourists but a sudden outpouring of indignant Spanish got the bill adjusted. Which was the correct thing to do but annoyed us even more in the realisation that they were ripping off tourists. Vowed never to go there again and not recommend the place either. It’s shameful tactics.


Nigel / Hace 25 days

4.50 Euros for a glass of wine is plain daylight robbery, even with sparkling lights. However, saying that I would imagine the "bar" was very, very upmarket, German owned, frequented by the Douglass's and similar, and Jason was hoping to hob nob.


Charles / Hace 25 days

A certain dictator did that. Are you now wishing that he was still in power ?


Albert / Hace 25 days

C'mon, I think it's you who really doesn't get the message. I'm sure you can find a bar in Son Gotleu where you can get a glass for half the price, but you may not get any sparkling lights to look at. A glass of wine isn't 100% about the taste, it's about the experience.

And, if 4,5 Euros (actually £3.79 at the time of your writing) is going to put folks off, these are probably folks we don't want around anyway.