We are supposed to be wear-ing masks outside in Spain, but many are not. | ARGUIÑE ESCANDON

There is a debate raging about the decision by the Spanish Prime Minister to reintroduce the obligatory wearing of masks at pretty much all times - indoors and out.

But the PM is being challenged over the decision and it is not just his political opponents who are having a go, an increasing number of experts are also expressing their doubts about the impact wearing masks outdoors has on slowing down the spread of Covid.

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Magda Campins, head of epidemiology at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, for example has stated: “This is a measure that can help make people aware that we are still in a pandemic, but apart from that, I can’t see any benefits...”

Now, I doubt there are very few people who are unaware of the severity of the situation being caused by the new Omicron variant - it has thrown the festive season into disarray and millions of travellers have been hit while large companies are having to balance their staff due to the rising number of people catching the virus.

The vaccination take up continues at a steady pace in Spain but the big question is how long are we going to have to wear masks for? In gyms, for example, it is a nightmare - if we’ve got the Covid passport, why the need for a mask, especially when you are trying to keep fit and healthy? And, Spain’s case numbers continue to set new records so I don’t think the mask is working.