Holiday bookings to Spain, in particular the Balearics, has shot up over the past week. | M. ESTER DE JUAN

The easing of UK travel restrictions and a flood of super special offers has sparked a surge in Britons booking holidays to Spain, and they are not just booking now for this summer, as is tradition.

All of the information coming out of the UK travel industry points to a significant numbers of Britons booking now to travel as soon as possible, such is the pent up demand for the Balearics.

With flights on offer at rock bottom prices and hoteliers having appeared to have seen some sense and also dropped their prices in accordance with the wishes of the UK tour operators, Britons are booking today to travel tomorrow, they cannot wait to get to the Balearics, especially Mallorca.

With parts of the UK under snow and gripped by a January big freeze, millions of Britons who have been unable to enjoy a holiday over the past two years, or have had travel plans disrupted, can now plan a relatively hassle-free holiday or head to Mallorca to enjoy their second home with fewer worries.

Plus with the pound continuing to gather strength against the euro, the islands are even more attractive. Although the new travel rules do not apply to people who have not been vaccinated, unless you happen to Novak Djokovic and can afford a top legal team to argue the technicalities, in which case you will still have to complete pre and post-departure tests and isolate on arrival in the UK, there are few excuses not to come to Mallorca.