“I would say that the Balearic government has handled the Covid situation quite well.” | R.I.

The Balearic government has taken a fair share of criticism over its Covid restrictions and measures over the last two years..some justified some not. Probably, one of the worst instances with echoes of Boris Johnson, was when it was discovered that the Balearic President, Francina Armengol, had been caught breaking the curfew in a local bar. Overall, in difficult circumstances, I don´t think the Balearic government have done a bad job.

They have kept a clear head and introduced restrictions when they were needed and showed they were prepared to take unpopular decisions. They deserve full praise for the vaccination plan. I went to Son Dureta hospital last week to get my booster jab. The whole process was completed within minutes and the staff couldn´t have been nicer. I was told to update my vaccine passport and that was it.

The Balearic government has recruited large numbers of staff for the various Covid vaccination centres on the island and to be honest, I can´t fault them at all. The Balearic government has also found itself making its own decisions because central government said that all the regions should decide for themselves what measures had to be introduced.

At the same time the government has also introduced new legislation on tourism and a new tourism plan. It is easy to criticise politicians at the moment but perhaps sometimes they should be given the benefit of the doubt and given the necessary credit.