“The political landscape in Spain looks to be changing at the moment...” | EFE

What goes up, must come down! The political landscape in Spain is changing. Coalitions of the left look to be replaced by coalitions of the right. The latest opinion poll for our sister publication, Ultima Hora, states that the left-wing coalition on Palma city council could fall and be replaced by one headed by the centre-right Partido Popular and the far-right, Vox.

The far-right has risen dramatically while the far-left (Podemos) has gone into meltdown. The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), which rule both nationally and locally, have found an ally in Podemos and they have managed to forge coalitions. Now, the Partido Popular are looking to do the same with Vox. Podemos is on the way down, probably as a result of the retirement of their charismatic leader, Pablo Iglesias, while Vox is on the rise. Ciudadanos, the centre-right party, which was once one of the major forces in Spanish politics ,has all but disappeared.

Their voters have gone to the Partido Popular and Vox. Until about five years ago, it was thought that Ciudadanos could replace the Partido Popular, which was dogged by corruption scandals, as the party of the right. No more. It is an intriguing time in Spanish politics with central and regional governments being judged by their performance during the pandemic.

A shift in the balance of power is obviously on the horizon but the thought of having a far-right party in power will not please all. But the same could be said for Podemos.