We need sunshine! | CATI CLADERA

The alarm bells are ringing within the tourist industry. There is deep concern over a very important issue. It is so important that the whole industry was built around it. The problem is....that the sun is not shining. Some may say that this is just a slight hiccup but for sun-starved Northern Europeans it is a major problem. There was a small post on the Palma Met Office's twitter feed this week which grabbed my attention....the number of sun hours last month (March) had fallen by 60 percent, the biggest fall since records started. This is the sort of news which the local tourist industry doesn´t want to receive at the moment.

We need the sun and we need it now. You will probably find that a large number of Northern Europeans are experts on the weather in their favourite resorts. Any weather related stories on our website (majorcadailybulletin.es) always get plenty of attention from our online readers, the majority of whom are in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia and the U.S. The Mallorca weather forecast is always big news. It is the same on social media. If you put a photograph on facebook or instagram of Mallorca in the sunshine you are going to get plenty of reaction. Now, I am sure that the Mallorca sun is on the horizon and the local tourist industry has nothing to fear. Over the last decade we have heard plenty about the changing face of tourism and how the sun and the beach are no longer of such importance to the island. This is far from the case. It is a question of back to basics. If the sun is not shining on the island, we are in trouble. It is as simple as that!