Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends a ceremonial reception at the Presidential House in New Delhi, India. | HARISH TYAGI


Will he or won't he? The big question is whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign sooner rather than later. My personal view is that he will not take his party into the next general election. He is damaged goods. The “Partygate” incident was a disgrace and it will catch up with him sooner rather than later. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. His government appears to go from one crisis to the next and nothing appears to get done. Take the bold plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. This is a disgrace. Anyone with an ounce of compassion will say so. A badly thought through plan from a failing government aimed at grabbing the headlines to deflect attention from the partygate scandal, well that is my view.

There are some relatively good Conservative candidates to take-over from Johnson who can lead Britain forward in the post-Brexit era. Remember all the trade deals which were promised within months of the withdrawal from the European Union? I think so far Britain has signed trade deals with just Australia and New Zealand which to be honest Britain should have had deals with them anyhow. No trade deal with the European Union or the U.S. or China, or India or Brazil. So Johnson may have got Brexit done but there is still much to do. The local elections next month will determine the fate of Boris Johnson. If the Conservative vote collapses he will be out of office by the summer.