Tourists in Palma low season. | P. PELLICER

I have a rather good idea (well, at least I think so!) to increase winter tourism to Mallorca and at the same help Britain with its costly energy crisis. Why don't local hoteliers offer British pensioners the possibility of coming to Mallorca for the winter at a discount rate?

The winter special could last as long as three months (November to February). The amount of money pensioners save on their fuel bill could be spent on their winter holiday and of course their living costs as well.

This is nothing new. Twenty years ago British pensioners came to Mallorca in the winter to escape the cold. This time they would be coming to escape the rising fuel costs. Now obviously, hoteliers would have to put together an extra special deal, similar to the one which is offered to Spanish pensioners on state funded holidays. It has many benefits for the Balearics. It would keep hotels open along with some bars and restaurants which would usually close in the resorts.

The winter weather in Mallorca is far nicer than in Britain so it is a win win situation. It is just a question of thinking outside the box. Important steps have been taken over recent years to increase the number of winter tourists but we still have a long way to go.

The holiday resorts are still like ghost towns during the low season. Imagine, if there was a small invasion of British pensioners? It would certainly make a difference to all involved.