Bills to be paid before holidays. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mallorca is no longer a cheap holiday destination, I have even been informed by travel industry insiders that it does not even offer value for money any more compared to other emerging destinations where Mallorcan hoteliers are busy investing in new spectacular holiday complexes.

This year was, according to the number crunchers and politicians, a good year, but then again the hoteliers were not that convinced.

Despite being advised to by the Balearic government, they did not give their staff a pay rise. Do they know something the government does not - that 2023 is not going to be such a great year after all?

Once Northern Europe, in particular the UK, starts to emerge from the winter and paid all the energy, food and fuel bills, price is going to be king for those looking for a summer holiday.

Traditionally, January is the key booking month, but some travel experts think it will be much later next year, most people want to get their bills paid first.

One has to remember that this year was a rather false year, a large number of tourists were due to have come two years ago but had to wait until the pandemic was declared over. Now they’ve been, will they return? Market research says Brits are determined to travel next year, no doubt.

But the big question is to where? And price is very much going to a deciding factor and Mallorca may find it is overpriced.