MALLORCA. METEOROLOGIA. LA FOTO DEL LECTOR. Tiempo agradable. Imagen tomada ayer en la Ciudad Jardín, donde predominaba el cielo despejado y la temperatura era agradable | J. FURONES

Christmas on the beach. This year will go down on record as one of the hottest ever....if not the hottest! Eventhough we are now into winter, the sunshine continues....but should we be concerned? Yes, climate change is taking hold meaning that the summers will be hotter and the winters warmer.

Some boffins are so worried that they have called for action at once. They have taken aim at the tourist industry calling for radical action to limit the number of aircraft because of all the harmful emissions. But in some ways climate change is helping the tourist industry. The holiday season this year lasted longer because we enjoyed brilliant sunshine up to October. Even the beaches were busy in autumn. Winter tourism to Mallorca could soon become a reality because of the fantastic weather. But there is another it too hot during the peak summer months?

To some extent it is. This year the island registered a maximum temperature of 44 degrees Centigrade. The nights were also exceptionally warm. Anyone who doesn´t have air conditioning in their home has a problem. Sun-lovers will feel very much at home on Mallorca this Christmas because we are set to have wonderful weather. But there is a problem. I remember as a child, growing up on Mallorca, I wanted snow not sunshine. But I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it. Happy Christmas to you all.