BEFORE your holiday would start at the airport, now it commences when you get to your destination. I travelled back to England for Christmas and despite the strikes, the weather and all the other stories of doom and gloom, I had few problems but it is still a stressfull experience. The biggest problem is that you can´t relax.

Is your suitcase overweight? have you taken fluids out of your hand luggage? will your airline or immigration staff demand a piece of paper to show that you have been jabbed 20 times....? the list goes on. The stress levels on my flight were even higher because of industrial action by airport staff both in Britain and in Spain.

My airline (Ryanair) was superb and full marks to their staff for having to deal with a small army of people who refused to obey the rules. Border Force staff were on strike in Britain but my passport was checked by an extremely polite member of the Royal Air Force. Stansted airport was exceptionally crowded but everything went according to plan. It was the same story on the way home. No real problems but still a stressful experience. Once again I felt sorry for Ryanair staff for having to deal with the rudeness of some passengers.

Travelling has changed and more so since Covid. Yes, things could be made more comfortable...perhaps four Spanish policemen checking passports rather than two at Palma airport would be a good idea.